Developer update and Meego meetups

As you probably know there’s not that much snow that falls during the summer months over here, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about the snow. We’re busily thinking up some cool ideas for Push Snowboarding for next season and reminded developers and tinkerers that the app source code and datasets are still available to download.

Yesterday the developer behind the application attended the Meego Meetup here in London. Below is a short write up of the night.

Hi guys!

Last night I attended the #dev4appup Meego Meetup to catch up with lots of other Nokia and Qt developers. It was a great event, with an awesome atmosphere and lots of cool people. Everybody was feeling very optimistic and in love with what’s already happened and also what’s about to come.
Apart from the exchange of Qt tips and quirks (namely using QGraphicsView.scale(), thanks to alterego), free pizza and beer and discussions about C++0x/C++11, we even got to play a bit with the almighty N950 to make the waiting even worse. Also really good to finally put some faces to some of the community’s usernames

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