Training for the Ski Season

Getting prepared for ski season means pre-ski exercises that will have your muscles fit your heart beating too. This way, your body is well prepared for even the most difficult and also punishing of slopes.

Below are 3 fantastic pre-ski routines you are able to do frequently throughout the season and right before strapping on your skis.


You may like to do these pre-ski workouts in the privacy of your home since they do seem a bit ridiculous! But huge stepping, as you might discover in a marching band, is training that is excellent for the legs because it places requirements on each one of the muscle groups which do not usually buy used. They are like performing serious knee bends in reverse. Possibly consider hiring a personal trainer in Tempe who will know and understand your goals and research ski specific routines.

You do not have to think about something specific to do higher stepping; just stand in one area and also take one knee in place, almost in your chest, then back down as you rapidly increase the opposite knee. In case you do it rapidly you will be working not only your muscles but is improving your aerobic base too.

Downhill Running

Downhill running works a completely different set of muscles than uphill running, plus also calls for more sense of balance and control too. While you do not wish to risk injury by actually being on a hill that is extremely high, including a tiny hill with the minimum grade is able to help to get you prepared for the ski season. Good pre-ski workouts to do can include just running directly down the hill or maybe you are able to zigzag around obstacles for additional benefit and work.

In several instances, it could be beneficial to make use of a weighted backpack to boost the opposition and exercise. Once again, take care and do not risk injury, but do push yourself a little so you understand your muscle mass are being created and toned.


These exercises work the top thighs, and lots of gyms have equipment which will do this. Usually, you remain inside a chair as well as squeeze pads between your thighs and drive them away with your legs. In order to do these exercises with no gym equipment, stand together with your feet shoulder-width apart and put a chair to the right, holding it carefully for balance. Raise your left leg sideways, then cross it over the proper leg. Move it forth and back, resisting this particular motion as you do working those muscles.

These simple pre-ski exercises can be done almost anyplace and with no equipment. They get you in shape that is great for ski season and also could get you warmed up the morning before you really ski.

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